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What Zillow and have in common

Posted by Betsy Repaske on May 15, 2015
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You type in the zipcode you’re willing to consider then you enter in quantifiable facts about what you are looking for.  The search engine spits out the results for you to scroll through.  You go down the list rapidly making judgements based on the main photo of each profile and the handful of facts listed next to it. “Cute but too old, not cute, not cute, not cute, maybe I could see myself with that one,” You open the Maybe. The other photos are better than the first one, “but why would you include a photo with that in it?” you think. Back to scrolling. This one is cute but the profile doesn’t say much. “What if it’s because there is something to hide?” you think.


Were you looking for a house or a date? These days the process starts out about the same and to a certain extent ends the same way too.  All of those poor dates or houses that didn’t have a good first photo got skipped over. They could be great houses that just needed all the clutter picked up before the photo was taken or a guy who needs to find a good picture of himself that doesn’t have his ex-girlfriend in it. A House or  a date they were passed over because of bad photos. The cute ones that had an incomplete profile t left you to wonder, “What are you hiding? Why take the risk?”.

Looking for someone to date or somewhere to live is time consuming and we are all busy these days. First dates and house showings take time so we want to feel that there is at least a chance of things working out before we commit the hour to walk through a house or share a cup of coffee.  Do your house a favor, don’t let is be the nice guy who gets skipped over because his profile photo made him look like he doesn’t own a razor or an iron. Make sure your house is staged well, have professional photos taken and  include information that tells the whole story of your house. Sadly, your house can’t wink at potential buyers to convince them to look at it’s listing when it gets passed over so the best you can do is put it’s best face forward.
At DwellHop each of our listings is staged then photographed by a professional who knows how to capture your rooms so they look as inviting as they are in real life. We also go the extra step of having our sellers fill out surveys about why they love their homes so our listing descriptions are more than just facts about the last remodel and the age of your roof.