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Why good photos sell homes faster

Posted by Betsy Repaske on May 15, 2015
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Why do good photos sell homes faster?

It’s a simple answer, is we all like beautiful things. Just like there are pictures where you look great and pictures that you wish had never been taken, your home can look like it’s best self in a photo or like it has 5 foot ceilings and all light bulbs burnt out at the same time. The long answer, there is more to it than just putting your home’s best face forward.

The internet has become a visual medium.  We react to visual information quickly and therefore can consume and make judgements on a lot of information in not a lot of time.  When potential buyers are shopping for a home there are many factors that go into their buying decision.  Some of these are factors are quantifiable and can be typed into search queries; price, size, location, number of bedroom. Then there are the less measureable, more emotional factors that influence a buyer’s decisions; feel, flow, overall aesthetic and comfort. These are the factors that make a buyer think “Yes, I could live here,”.

Photos communicate both the physical and the emotional facts about a house. They can show that a house has the features want and they can elicit an emotional response.  If you think to yourself, “I could drink my morning cup of coffee there,” you are connecting emotionally with the home.  It is just a first reaction at this point, but it is far more likely to make your showing list than the one where you said, “Ugh, the kitchen is so dark,”.

So why do good photos sell your home faster?  We’re back to our simple answer, they make your house look better. Ultimately well lit and well framed beautiful high quality photos are going to elicit many more “I could live there,” responses, than a listing with photos that are dark, out of focus or cropped so you can only see part of the rooms.  High quality photos are more engaging. People have roughly an eight second attention span. High quality photos hold buyer’s attention so they scroll to the next photo instead of to the next listing.

When choosing who and how you are going to have your listing photos taken think of what you would do if you were getting business headshots or wedding photos taken. Cell phone cameras have come a long way and you’re friend might love photography, but they are not a substitute for a professional photographer with the kind of lenses that can capture whole rooms.  Not only does a professional have better equipment, they have experience in how to make your home look it’s best.  They understand lighting, framing and perspective. Just like a bad photo can make you look ten pounds heavier, a bad photo of a room can make it look much smaller and darker than it really is.
Better photos add up to more interested buyers, more showings, and a faster sale.  At DwellHop we don’t use a photographer just because we like pretty pictures,  we pay professional photographers because we know the investment can sell your home faster.