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An Ode to Our New Neighborhood (Univeristy Heights/ Regent St.)

Posted by Betsy Repaske on February 1, 2016
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From our new front office window each morning can we see parents walk their kids to Blessed Sacrament and at lunch the sidewalk is full of West High School students  headed to Milo’s for lunch. We’ve learned that at lunch if you’re not a student you can use the other door and skip the line! We’re starting to recognize the neighborhood dogs that walk past from the pale gray Great Dane with his blonde owner to the two old buddies one with white curls, the other with black, who get walked twice a day.  We love that we’re able to be part of a neighborhood.

regent street market

The first thing we did the day we closed on the building, after having a mimosa because even Real Estate agents have to celebrate a new home, was walk down to the Regent Market Co-op and buy a membership. Few neighborhoods are as lucky as the University Heights/ Regent Street neighborhood to have a local grocery store where you can walk to grab a apple, as our agent Betsy Repaske does for an afternoon snack, or everything you need for dinner.  We highly recommend the potato salad from their deli and are looking forward to their expansion.

humble pie shop

Our broker, Cathy Lacy, has loved Humble Pie since before we moved in and is known to grab a savory pie for lunch plus one to take home to share for dessert later. If you’ve not had a chance to try their pie yet, we’ll be serving some at our Open House.


The three art galleries on the block Fine Earth Studio and Higher Fire with their pottery classes and Le Mop which doubles as a hair salon give us a reason to take break and a stroll to peek in their windows and makes plans of some day taking a class.

salted root

We were sad when the Froth House closed right after we bought our place but are excited for the coffee shop has been reborn as The Salted Root with their colorful chairs. It was encouraging to have another business in the neighborhood that was remodeling too. Their sandwiches are pretty good too.


A few of our agents take evening walks through the neighborhood. The University Heights neighborhood has some of the most historic and interesting houses in Madison. We don’t sell real estate just for the money. We’re in real estate because we love houses and this neighborhood is full of inspiration. We think that being part of neighborhoods and knowing your town is important as Realtors because a home is never just about what is inside the walls. It’s about the people and businesses that make up your community too.  We’re excited to become part of our neighborhood and the greater Madison community.