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About Us

The DwellHop Philosophy: Empowering Clients Benefits Everyone

Seeking professional real estate guidance shouldn’t mean giving up control of one of the biggest financial transaction of your life. At DwellHop we believe in the power of well-informed buyers and sellers. In fact, DwellHop was founded on the basic idea that buyers and seller – not agents – should be in ultimate control of the real estate. A lot of good agents out there might agree with this concept, but there’s still one major component of the process that they won’t touch – the way a fee is charged.

That’s why DwellHop has broken away from the traditional brokerage model. We offer flexible pricing that allows complete transparency with our clients. Buyers and sellers have the ability to choose not only how much assistance they want from us – but also the ability to choose what they pay an agent.

A one-size-fits-all percentage?  DwellHop was established so you can decide how much or how little professional assistance you need in the sale or purchase of your home. By giving you the power of choice, you benefit by paying for only the level of assistance and specific services you want.

A Well-Lit Real Estate Path for You
The standard percentage-of-sale-price fee used by traditional brokerages can leave clients in the dark about what their agent is really doing. Such an approach can even encourage agents to do less. At DwellHop you’ll know what you’re getting upfront, and we guarantee that our agents will work as hard as you would expect them to work.

Yes, real estate can be confusing with its long list of rules and regulations, many of which you may not have known about before you started the process. We want you to understand process, especially the services you’re selecting from us – and paying for. Why? Based on many years of real estate experience, DwellHop believes the most informed clients are also the most satisfied.

We’ve created our website, service options, and pricing structure so that you can look to us as your ultimate real estate resource, from a basic listing package to full-service management of your entire transaction. We may not change the way all real estate is bought and sold, but that won’t stop us from focusing on a simple but powerful goal: provide an alternative that puts our clients in control, keeps agents accountable to maintain trust and transparency, and encourages agents to see their clients’ goals as their own.