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Our Philosophy

At Dwellhop we believe that buyers and sellers should feel well informed and in control when buying or selling their homes, one of the biggest financial transactions they will ever be involved in. We have created custom pricing so that we can be completely transparent with our clients. We believe that a one size fits all percentage is not what people are looking for.  We have designed a firm whereby you the consumer can decide how much or little input you need in the sale or purchase of your home.  It is designed so that our clients will benefit financially depending on the amount of time an agent will spend working on the sale or purchase of your home. We believe that you should choose how much time and money you want to put into buying or selling your home. With Dwellhop you have the option to do more of the legwork yourself and spend less money. We offer an a’ la carte menu of services so If you want to pay us to do the heavy lifting you will know exactly what you are paying us for.

We believe that the standard percentage of sale price fee used by traditional brokerages, can leave clients in the dark about what work their agent is really doing and actually encourages agents to do less.  We want to guarantee that our agents will work as hard as you expect them to.

Real Estate can be confusing with a lot of rules that you might not have known about before you started this process. We want you to understand exactly what this process is, our goal is the be a resource for you, whether you just buy our listing package or we manage a whole transaction for you.

The internet is changing how everything is bought and sold and how knowledge is dispersed. The Real Estate industry has been dragging it’s feet, 90% of people start their real estate search online so we believe it’s important to market your property accordingly. Zillow, Trulia and search sites and even many brokerage sites are limited in how much information they share about a property. We believe you should be able to share more than cold facts. We know the facts about your home are important, but your home is so much more than that.  When the water heater was last replaced is important, but there’s more, it is the look and feel of a home that makes people fall in love with it.

Our properties are web marketed, we are invested in a focus on pages that will draw people in and spend time learning about your home and why you think it is a great place to live. We use multiple photos taken by a professional photographer, the photos are larger, real video walk-throughs, testimonials from the home owners, so if you’re the seller you can really share why you love your home or if you’re buying you can get a real sense of the feel of a home before you even step foot in it.

We believe in selling to the heart, because that is what buying a home is really about.

We may not change the way all Real Estate is bought & sold but our goal is to offer an option that puts our customers in control, keeps agents accountable to maintain trust & transparency and encourages agents to see their clients goals as their own.

A Letter from Our Founder

I am excited to bring a new idea to the way real estate is bought and sold.  After almost 30 years in real estate I have developed a strong sense of what is most important to my buyers and sellers.  I have incorporated all those ideas into my new company Dwellhop.  I believe that a one size fits all approach to buying and selling is not working.  The size of a real estate company no longer means more exposure in the marketplace.  The internet has changed all of that.

Dwellhop will give our clients the greatest exposure in the internet.  We believe that knowledge of the process and transparency in what you will receive in services are the most important component to a positive real estate experience.

I invite you to spend time at our web site that is designed to both educate and allow you to search for properties.  We believe in the highest level of customer service and want you to have a very positive experience when it comes to the sale and purchase of your new home.

Cathy Lacy