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Buying a Home

You’re a Unique Buyer: Shouldn’t your home buying experience be unique too?

Welcome! Since you’re here, you’re probably in the 92% of home buyers who start the home-buying process online. It’s true – the internet has revolutionized the way home buyers search for homes. But that “revolution” seems to have gone only so far when it comes to benefitting the home-buyer.

Here’s what we mean: Many buyers today are doing a majority of the preliminary leg work themselves; that means conducting their own extensive online research and even attending numerous open houses to view properties. And then they call a real estate agent.

There’s nothing wrong with that approach – except when we get to the fee. Ask yourself this: What did the agent/company do to earn their commission? Sure, they negotiated the deal, provided guidance, and made sure your interests were upheld in closing the sale. Great. On the other hand, thanks to all of your hard work, there’s a lot that they didn’t need to do. Should they still get that commission? Not at DwellHop. In situations like this, we would rebate you a portion of your buyer’s agent’s the sales commission.

That’s just one of many examples that demonstrate why a change is needed in the way the home-buying process plays out for clients.