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Read the Fine Print

Important criteria must be met in order to qualify for this package, the most important being this: You must have a signed Buyer Agency Contract with DwellHop. This contract allows us to give you the rebate. Without it, we cannot legally give you a rebate.

To be eligible to sign a Buyer Agency Contract, you must not have had any prior contact with a selling agent in conjunction with the house you want to make an offer on. “Contact” can be as simple as signing into an open house, if they have shown you the house, answered specific questions about that house, or done other similar actions, this triggers a situation called procuring cause. Procuring cause is a way for real estate agents to determine who initiated the sale process that ultimately leads to the final sale of the home.

In Wisconsin, a selling agent can legally represent both parties (i.e., the buyer and the seller) in a transaction. However, at DwellHop we don’t agree with this practice. In such cases, we will refer you to another agent at DwellHop that is not associated with the listing.

If you have already spoken with an agent, we can always make a call on your behalf to see what their stance is on procuring cause. A reputable agent will want to see the deal get done and may waive his or her right. If this is the case, we can then proceed.

Once you have established a Buyer Agency contract with DwellHop, you can attend any open house and contact designated DwellHop listings directly or any limited service listing. When you attend an open house, you can let the agent hosting know that you are working with DwellHop. Once you have narrowed your search down to three homes or less, we will arrange a showing for each and write an offer on the home that you feel best fits your buying needs.

Your savings under this program are significant. You will receive a 40% rebate check based on the sub-agent (i.e., agent for the buyer) commission offered on the MLS.