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Want Full-Service Selling Assistance? Great! We Can Help – and You’ll Still Save Money with DwellHop

Choosing DwellHop to sell your home is nearly the same as using a full-service brokerage, but with one big difference: with DwellHop you can save yourself thousands of dollars.

At DwellHop we don’t waste time and money with gimmicks. We use the most proven techniques and tools out there to get your home sold:

  • Stunning images of your home and a compelling video walk-through – all created by a professional –that deliver the kind of visual impact that’s so crucial today for getting the attention of a potential buyer.
  • A State of the Art 3D Showcase, developed by us, gives potential buyers unprecedented visuals of your home.
  • Captivating web pages to house the information and imagery about your home.

These three items are currently the best tools out there to get your home sold.

Before we market your home, we work with you to get it ready to sell. We’ll provide you with lots of tips and recommendations that will give your home the most appeal. We also build a comprehensive market analysis that we walk you through so you can make the best strategic decision when pricing your home.

Once we put your home on the market, we’ll be there to show your property to interested buyers, coordinate showings with other real estate agents, field questions on your home, and receive offers when the time comes.

Negotiating an offer is where we really earn our keep. When it comes to negotiating offers, our many years of experience will play a crucial role. We’ll provide you with expert insight and advice. Of course, the ultimate decision to accept or reject an offer will always come down to you. What we do is provide you with the services you need for a well-informed decision that you can make with confidence.

Once there’s an accepted offer, we continue to work to make sure the deal stays together. Contingencies are par for the course. Some are commonplace, some are obscure, but either way we treat them as potential deal breakers and address them accordingly.

Our job doesn’t truly end until the paperwork is signed at the closing table, which we also coordinate on your behalf.

We’re not shy about saying it: We want your home-selling experience with DwellHop to be the best home-selling experience you’ll ever have.

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Sample 3D Showcase

We use technology that isn’t available anywhere else in Wisconsin.  Explore our demo below and you can see how buyers will see your home like never before.